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Visiting Lothlorien

Visitors are welcome by appointment only, no drop-ins or spontaneous visits, so please call in advance. We do not answer the door unless we are expecting you.  Contact us first by email or by phone: 
850-238-0566 to make an appointment.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Hawk and I have had to move into Lothlorien House.  Therefore, now that we are living here in the studio along with all our animals, it is extremely difficult for us to schedule appointments for in-person visits and classes, and we no longer have room for retreat guests. We encourage students to learn the style of yoga that we teach by watching our teacher Mark Whitwell's free video series on YouTube, practice it at home, and then follow up with consultations by email or phone for any questions that you may have. 
Lothlorien House, like Tolkien's mythical home of the elves, is a place of refreshment and renewal for body and soul.  The house is nestled among 9 acres of meadows, ancient oaks, pine forests and wetlands, with walking trails along streams and waterfalls, on the north edge of Panama City, 20 miles from the Gulf beaches. 

The House features a yoga/dance studio with skylights, mirror and ballet barre.  The airy, light-filled studio has French doors opening onto a screened lanai with view of the forest and meadows.  There is also exercise equipment including Bandflex gym, stationary bike, ab machines, free weights, Indo Board and inversion table.  We have a dedicated guest bath with shower for students, in case you work up a sweat and need to change before going to your next activity.  
We have WiFi at the House, so you can bring your laptop or tablet.

5702 Arnold Road, Panama City, FL  32404
phone:  850-238-0566

Please note: There are 2 "Arnold Roads" in Panama City; one is off 98 (Back Beach Road) - that is not us! The Arnold Road where Lothlorien House is located is at the north edge of Panama City just before you reach Bayou George going up Highway 231; you will see Hungry Howie's on the left, turn right at the light on Star Avenue by R Liquors, then immediately left on John Pitts by Chevron/ Subway, and Arnold Road is the first road on your left (about 1/4 mile). We are at the very end of Arnold Road. Go all the way down this short dead-end road and you will reach a circular gravel driveway with a palm tree in the middle.  Upon entering the driveway, take an immediate right; you will see a white and blue sign pointing towards Lothlorien House.  Drive on the grass/dirt along the tree-lined wire fence for a couple hundred feet.  When you reach the end of the trees you will see Lothlorien House down the hill to your left, a sand-beige house with blue trim.
A few things to keep in mind when you visit:
There is absolutely NO SMOKING in the House. If you must smoke, please go out on the lanai.

* Lothlorien is primarily a retreat for adults. There is no childcare available and the land is somewhat "wild" and definitely not "child safe." There is difficult terrain alongside open bodies of water, and wild animals including rattlesnakes, water moccasins, very large snapping turtles, coyotes, bobcats, and an occasional alligator or bear; not really an ideal place for small children.
* Please do not bring pets.

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