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Spiritual Advice

Psychic (Jungian Tarot) readings and Spiritual Direction consultations available via phone or email.  

For more information about the services we provide, read this article.

When you have questions about yoga, spirituality, life, love, sex and relationships,
Sister Jamie is here to help.

A Pastoral Counselor certified in Holistic Wellness, B.A. Philosophy, M.A. Psychology, Jamie has worked as a professional psychic for Psychic Friends Network, Keen, and other famous psychic services seen on t.v. which charge over $5/minute.  Now she is happy to be able to offer you her services directly for a much lower rate. Don't be shy; you can talk to her about literally anything!  She will not judge you and she's heard it all. Whatever your situation, whatever questions you may have, Sister Jamie can help you find the answers.  

Tarot readings are available using either the traditional Connolly deck or the scripture-based Jesus Deck. Sister Jamie has been reading the Tarot since age 14 and she is not a "fortune teller."  Rather, she reads the cards from a Jungian approach, an interactive process designed to empower you to find the answers that are already within you.  With your help she will interpret the cards, make predictions as to the most likely outcome given the available data, and offer spiritual and practical advice to help you create the future that you desire.

Sister Jamie's specialty is Spiritual Direction, where she will walk beside you on your journey of self-discovery, answer questions about religion or theology, and help you deepen your relationship with God.  She will give you practical tools to explore your spirituality and experience divine intimacy within the context of your own religious tradition, if any.  She can guide you through the catechism of your church, to prepare you for baptism, confirmation and other traditional rites.  But, you don't have to belong to a church in order to benefit from Spiritual Direction.  The ultimate goal is to transcend dogma and experience the heart of religious life in a real and deeply personal way.

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Psychic (Jungian Tarot) phone readings:  $2/minute
Spiritual Direction phone sessions:  $1/minute
Email consultations:  $20

Consultations are available by appointment, prepaid.  To schedule a session:

*  Email your request here.  
*  We will reply to confirm the proposed date and time of the session, after which you use a button, below. 
*  Click on PayPal, enter the # of minutes in "Quantity" (=1 for Email consults), click on "Update" and "Pay."  
*  Your appointment will be booked once payment has been processed.
*  Cancellations with less than 24 hours' notice will forfeit the payment for the session.

Psychic/ Tarot Reading  

Spiritual Direction  

Email Consult 

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If this is an emergency in Panama City, please call Life Management Center at:  
24-Hour Crisis Line: 850.522.4485 or Toll-Free: 888.785.8750

If this is an emergency and you are not local, please call Contact Crisis Hotline at:  972-233-2233
If you are feeling suicidal please call:  
1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) or 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255) or click here

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Yoga is not mere physical exercise, it is a spiritual practice, a "discipline of pleasure," as our teacher Mark Whitwell says.  Yoga allows us to experience intimacy with the Divine, Being-Consciousness-Bliss.  This is not some far-off goal to be attained in the distant future and we aren't trying to become something that we are not; it is our Natural State which we can enjoy here and now.   A consistent daily yoga practice removes obstructions, burning up the dross and the baggage of misery accumulated over a lifetime which has obscured the realization of our Natural State.  Sometimes in this process, "stuff" comes up which must be acknowledged and dealt with, in order to be released.  When this happens, don't be alarmed, it is perfectly normal.  But you may want to talk to someone who can help you work through it.

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